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Chi Gong

Absorbing the Essence

Qigong Workshop  with Master Simon Blow

@ Bellingen Saturday,  1 July, 2023 9.30am to 4pm

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Qigong, similar to Tai Chi, focuses on moving your body mindfully with minimal physical or mental tension, creating relaxation, tranquillity and health. It is easy to learn and simple to practice.

Absorbing the Essence comprises of the Qigong cultivation techniques taught to Qigong Master Simon Blow by the Abbott of the Purple Cloud Monastery in 1999 and 2000 at Wudangshan (Wudang Mountain), one of the sacred Daoist Mountains of China.

During this one day workshop, you will be expertly guided through the

  1. Ba Duan Jin standing form
  2. Wudang Longevity Qigong
  3. Ba Duan Jin Nurturing Life Qigong sitting form.

These self-healing methods are featured in Simon’s Book/DVD Absorbing the Essence.
With regular practice, Qigong can help to cleanse the body of toxins, restore energy, reduce stress and anxiety and help individuals maintain a health and active life.

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Movement, followed by stillness meditation, brings balance to mind, body and spirit. Through practice, you will learn to restore your energy, cleanse your body of toxins, reduce stress and anxiety, improve your overall health, and develop spiritual perception and awareness.


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