Matt Sincock

Matt Sincock

Chinese Medicine Practitoner

Matt Sincock is a professional Acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine Herbalist, Yoga Teacher, Shiatsu and Remedial Massage therapist, Qigong instructor, as well as a First Aid teacher.

He runs a practice in Bellingen and Nambucca specialising in treating people suffering chronic health problems.

Matt's Story

Matt loves bushwalking and stories. He grew up bushwalking around the northern beaches of Sydney, and devouring many stories, books, and movies.

After school, he searched for a way to connect the natural world to story, and the narratives we tell ourselves.

At first, he studied Remedial Massage and yoga, learning to physically feel the body.

When he discovered Traditional Chinese Medicine (during a weekend Japanese Yoga workshop with Michael Wynne at Towlers Bay, West Head, Sydney), he felt excited.

Here was the connection for which he searched, the relationship between the natural world and stories. It gave him a vocabulary to explore the link between story & body, body & mind.

Matt studied Chinese Medicine body therapies with Michael Wynne in a Daoist kind of way: workshops with Michael involved trekking deep into the wilderness for 7-10 days at a time, carrying only a yoga mat and a backpack full of macrobiotic food! It was a profound way to learn.

Matt began to listen to people’s health stories, feeling tension in different parts of their bodies, using Remedial Massage, Shiatsu, Moxa, Yoga, and Qigong.

The narratives people told about their health fascinated Matt, so he went to university to study story within a Bachelor of Arts degree. He ran a video shop, trying to match people’s personality type with their taste in movies.

Matt’s love of story and the somatic process led him to formally study Acupuncture, then Chinese Herbal Medicine, with a particular interest in the connection between mind and body, emotions and pain.

When you come to see him, Matt will deeply listen to you and adapt your treatment according to your story and your health needs.

Together, you can choose the best way for Matt to help you from a combination of therapies:

Matt is happy to work in collaboration with other therapists to support your health journey.

He also loves to share what he learned as a therapist over the last thirty years. Please check Workshops for upcoming courses.

Registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Agency

Member of Australian Association of Chinese Medicine

Member of Australian Natural Therapy Association

Member of Shiatsu Association of Australia