Bellingen Community Acupuncture & Shiatsu

Offering affordable, professional health care in a community clinic

Matt now runs the Community Clinic every Wednesday from Alchemy, at 5 Hyde Street, Bellingen. For all bookings, please call Alchemy 66550429.

Bellingen Community Acupuncture and Shiatsu

How does a Community Acupuncture Clinic work?

Community Acupuncture inexpensive and good quality
Pay what you can afford


Pay within the suggested range of $30 to $70 per treatment. If you do not have much money, you may pay the lower end of the scale. If more, then towards the higher end of the scale.  You do not need proof of your income. You do not need to tell us how much you paid, so we encourage you to pay with cash, placing it anonymously in the compassion bowl. 

Community Acupuncture
What is a Community Clinic?


A Community Acupuncture & Shiatsu clinic is a unique model of healthcare where you receive treatments in a shared group space, instead of a private room. It’s a way of experiencing the benefits of Acupuncture & Shiatsu at a much lower cost than a private session, yet still receive a high quality treatment.

Community Acupuncture in a shared space
Sharing Space


A community spirit emerges when several people receive treatment together in the same room. Patients consistently report they like the sense of togetherness and humanity they find there. It creates a ‘Qi’ field (energy), and this can enhance the power of your healing experience.

Frequency of Visits
Receiving treatments often


Community Clinics allow the frequency of your treatment to become an affordable option, so that you can receive a treatment every week, and resolve your health issue quickly. You can receive a treatment as often as possible until it becomes better.

How we help you

Treatments Available



Acupuncture places very fine needles at particular points on your body, with the intention of improving your health. When a needle is placed in an acupuncture point, it makes a ‘suggestion’ to your body, encouraging your body’s own tendency to heal itself and restore harmony. Traditional acupuncture treats the person rather than the illness and your unique patterns will be assessed and taken in to account when the points are chosen. For example, two patients both suffering from lower back pain may have different points needled, as their underlying causes of disease may vary.

Shiatsu Bellingen


Shiatsu uses the principles of Western and Eastern Medicine to work through each part of your body with gentle yet firm gravitational pressure. This helps to clear pain, restore function, and correct posture. When you receive a treatment, you remain fully clothed and lay on a large comfortable futon mat. Shiatsu eases your body into the way you most want to feel – peaceful, balanced, nourished.

Book a Treatment at the Community Clinic - Please phone Alchemy