Chinese Herbs Bellingen

Chinese herbal medicine has been used for at least 5000 years. The ancient healers used foods, plants, minerals and animals in their medicinal remedies to treat illness and to improve and maintain the best health and wellbeing possible for the times.

The practice of Chinese herbal medicine in Australia today is moving away from raw herbs that need to be cooked into a tea, to the use of prepared and manufactured dried herbal granules, capsules, pills and tonics.

Bellingen Chinese Medicine

Chinese Herbs

There are over three hundred herbs consistently in use in Chinese Medicine.

They treat disorders such as pain, depression, anxiety, eczema, gastro-intestinal disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, gynecological issues, respiratory issues and support for those undergoing medical treatments.

Chinese Herbal Medicine dates back in an unbroken tradition to at least the 3rd century BC.

Since it is one of the world’s oldest continually documented medical practices, a vast amount of research has been gathered over this time to refine techniques and clinical applications.

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a highly honoured tradition that uses scientific methods of studying how combinations of herbs can benefit your body.


Matt can individualise your Chinese Herbal Medicine formula to address the current state of your health, according to your diagnosis made during a consultation.

Matt may modify your precisely tailored formula as your condition changes and improves.

Your Chinese herbal formula may either consist of:

  • Herbal granules simply added to hot water, or
  • Herbal granules in capsules

For acute conditions, you may take the herbal formula two to four times per day for one to two weeks.

For more chronic conditions, you may need to take the herbs twice per day for a longer period.

Chinese Herbs Bellingen

In Australia, Chinese herbal medicine practitioners must be university trained, registered with the CMBA and maintain their knowledge through continuing professional development.

All practitioner-only prescribed Chinese herbal remedies are listed in the Australian Therapeutic Goods Register and have to pass stringent testing including chromatography to check for heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, banned or illicit substances or the inclusion of any endangered species.

Customs and Border Security are also involved to prevent the importation of hazardous or harmful medicinals or the use of endangered species.

In Australian Chinese Medicine Herbalists comply with these strict, necessary regulations that are in place to protect the public. Safe practice using safe remedies.

Matt Sincock belongs to AACMA, an association that is mindful of the environment, including ecologically threatened or endangered species. AACMA is a member of World Animal Protection, which campaigns for the use of plant based herbs to replace herbs from endangered animal species and Australia, through the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is a signatory to CITES, a multilateral treaty to protect endangered plants and animals.

This ensures that prepared and manufactured herbal medicines prescribed by registered Chinese herbal medicine practitioners in Australia are safe. Safe practice using safe remedies and saving endangered species.

Matt only uses ethically based Chinese herbs, and does not use any products that relate to endangered species or banned substances.