Change – Balance – Stability

Combining: Indian Yoga, Chinese Qigong, & Japanese Zen


CLASSES: Wednesdays, 8am to 9am

LOCATION: Bellingen Citizen Centre, Maam Gaduying Park, opposite the Bellingen Memorial Hall, near the Bellingen Library

COST: By donation

Okido Yoga can help you relieve your body of aches and pains, unwind tight muscles and make you feel whole again. This form of yoga will build strength into your body, whilst relieving tight muscles and removing blockages.

We practice yoga asanas, corrective movements, gentle qigong, trigger points, breathing, laughing, shiatsu massage, & chanting: in solo, partner and group activities.

Corrective Movements help to correct muscular injuries, spinal alignment, internal organ disharmony, and diseases that may prevent you from fully enjoying life.

Hogushi Massage helps to release tightly held muscles freeing up your Asanas (stretches) and the flow of blood and energy in your body & heart mind.

Okido Yoga stretches meridians aligned with Traditional Chinese Medicine to help transform your health.

Suitable for everyone – all ages and abilities


The five principles of Okido Yoga:

  1. Body & Movement
  2. Mind-Heart
  3. Breathing
  4. Food as Medicine
  5. Environment (we learn from each other)

Okido Yoga is based on the understanding that true knowledge comes from an awakening of deep personal inner wisdom, which is gained through individual experience of the natural laws of Change, Balance and Stability.

Awaken your Vital Energy

Suitable for Everyone

Private lessons focusing on individual health disorders are also available upon request


What is Yoga?

The word “Yoga” means to unifying the body with the mind  –  “yoking” them together.

It is an eastern science developed and evolved over thousands of years and deals with the physical, moral, mental and spiritual well being of those who practice it.

From a biomedical perspective, it is one of the finest forms of physical therapy. It helps you to accomplish many positive changes in your health.

From a physical side, it is capable of reversing bone and joint deformities, lowering blood pressure, increasing strength and vigor, balancing the endocrine system, stimulating weight loss, correcting spinal alignment, and aiding in recovering from chronic pain.

From a mental perspective, Yoga is an effective meditative therapy, capable of:

* reducing the chatter in the mind (monkey mind)

* stabilising the emotions

* inducing a feeling of peace and harmony



What is Okido Yoga?



Combines the practices of Indian Yoga, Chinese Yin-Yang, Japanese Zen Buddhism, Martial Arts, Oriental & Western Medicine, where the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts


Includes purifying & strengthening Asanas (stretches), self massage techniques (Hogushi), gentle Qigong, corrective movements, physical games, laughter, breathing, sound therapy, meditation, & shiatsu massage…

Okido Yoga focuses on building your body through correctives so you can realise extensive Yoga Asanas, Movements and a stable Heart Mind.

The training method emphasises balance between opposites: tension and relaxation, heat and cold, stillness and movement.

The Corrective Movements help to correct any muscular injuries or tightness, spinal alignment, internal organ disharmony, and disease.

Each Asana (yoga stretch) combines with Houshi Massage, corrective movements, trigger point releases & counter-balances to help release chronically tight muscles, fascia, ligaments and tendons that may be restricting your Asana, as well as the circulation and quality of blood and energy in your body, mind and spirit.

The combination of  Asana (stretches), corrective movements and massaging helps to dramatically increase your flexibility of  body & mind – much more  than only doing asana alone.

Okido Yoga can help heal specific parts of the body (such as lower back, neck, and shoulders), plus ease pain and prevent injuries .

The increased flexibility of body & mind is a simple way to help you to fully embrace life…

The practices of Okido are designed for those living with the strain, tension and diseases resulting from the technological confusion of our society. Through diligent daily practice of Okido Yoga, it is possible to heighten adaptability to today’s modern life, while re-creating one’s self-healing ability.

Okido Yoga is based on the understanding that true knowledge comes from an awakening of deep personal inner wisdom, gained through individual experience of the natural laws of Change, Balance and Stability.

It also emphasizes the importance of learning to work with, and for, others as it is not possible to create a balanced life that does not include harmonious and caring interaction within society.  We learn from each other.

Okido Yoga is neutral from any religious group, and yet respects one and all beings. Its teachings are understandable and practical in the modern way of life.

Suitable for Everyone at all levels

Each class varies according to the specific needs of the people in the class

Okido Yoga also adapts to the environment and to the demands of the current season…

For example, in Spring, as the weather gets warmer and our level of activity increases, the Liver & Gall Bladder are more active, and stretching the side of the body (medial and lateral) helps to keep these organs in balance. The Liver is greatly affected by stress which tends to occur in spring from the increase in our activities (and decision making). Promoting the health of the Liver and Gall Bladder also helps to cleanse the blood of toxins, and this is a very safe and natural way to do your spring liver detox.

Classes suitable for Everyone


Awaken your Vital Energy

Feel a dramatic change in your flexibility,
mind & spirit within each class