Qigong is an ancient health practice, similar to Tai Chi, focusing on moving your body gently with the breath, easing stress and tension, and thereby creating relaxation, harmony and health.

Learn simple flowing sets of gentle Qigong movements that regulate the flow of Qi (energy) through the meridian systems of the body, and restore harmony to different internal organs.

Chi Gong

Qigong Weekly classes

You are welcome to join weekly Qigong classes in Bellingen. Beginners to experienced.

Qigong Classes

Time: Fridays, 12.30pm

Location: Maam Gaduying Park (Meeting Place), outside the Bellingen Library, across the road from the Memorial hall.

Cost: By donation

Each month we will practice one specific Qigong form, a set of movements and meditations. The repetition of the form during the month will help you to remember the simple movements and intentions so you can also practice it at home.  

As this is an outside class, a beautiful spot amongst eucalypt trees, if it is raining, the class will be on inside nearby.

Beginners and experienced people welcome.

To join the weekly class, please contact Matt on 0427539382.